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    Posted on June 6th, 2018
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    Cash For Toyota Hilux Sydney Any Condition – 2016 Review Read Here

    The Toyota Hilux has always been considered “a go anyplace do everything” kind of pickup truck. The trucks toughness and durability has made it a clear choice in challenging environments. Looking to explore Australia? Maybe the Western Australian outback? Think you might have found your thrill seeker!

    This beast of a truck can lay claim to being one of the best-selling one-tonne pickup truck of all time with over 20 million sales.

    What’s this Toyota 4×4 Hilux Truck on?

    First impressions always count and the Hilux has a presence to awe. No more the relatively slim-line and sleek look of the earlier versions. The manufacturer has followed Ford & Volkswagen by broadening and expanding the body and going for a hulking and meaner look a beast is born.

    The Double Cab Toyota Hilux Beauty To Rock Perth Market

    Greatly enhanced! Notwithstanding the high bonnet, all-round visibility is shockingly good. The comfortable interior starting with the electronically changeable driver’s seat will easily cater to drivers of all shapes and sizes.

    An uncomplicated approach has been taken for the dashboard layout and everything. The new 7-inch touchscreen display is very intuitive and clear-cut. One word to describe this is simplicity. A downer is that this isn’t the most responsive of systems…get ready to give it a good thump to get any response.

    Can it hack it on the road?

    Australian Buyers will have a powerful 2.8-litre diesel engine tackle the harsh roads of this rugged land. This engine specs by the manufacturer is a plucky choice keeping in mind that well over 70% of seventh-gen sales were with the 3.0-litre beast.

    Toyota informs us that the brand new engine, which puts out 148bhp and 295lb ft,  generates extra torque than the departing 3.0-litre. Whilst it’s smooth and superior, it may fail torque requirements of many owner-operators who have much more powerful models to choose from. Its main competition is going to come from Volkswagen’s new Amarok V6 and Ford’s five-pot 3.2-litre Ranger that user has the option to choose from.

    When fixed with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission the new Hilux can achieve up to 41.5mpg on the combined cycle. This may sound remarkable, but it’s par for the course with the many choices that are present. All the new pickups in the market today offer at least 42mpg.

    Ride and handling make quite an impression, even though Toyota has gone for a long-established leaf-spring display at the back of the Hilux. There’s been an increase in torsional rigidity of 20% upwards compared with the earlier versions, which is a key factor helping its handling, ride and durability.

    Although its leaf-sprung setup is nowhere near comfortable as the independent coil springs of the competitor Nissan’s NP300 Navara, the leaves have been expanded by 100mm to soften the impact of bumps and puddles a lot more successfully than any of the pickups in the market today.

    Off-road potential

    Perfect for the adventurer who wants to explore the distant corners of Australia.The Hilux brings the best of its earlier versions renowned off-road ability but is enhanced for greater approach and departure angles, a 4wd system with selectable modes electronically controlled, front and rear limited-slip discrepancy with a locking function at the back.

    Although the total weight of a vehicle has gone up the Hilux is just as swift off the road as it’s on. The new Hilux also comes with an oil temperature sensor that automatically neutralises the all-wheel-drive system to stop overheating in 4wd mode

    Even though the kerb weight has increased, the Hilux feels just as agile off the road. The front differential now also features an oil temperature sensor which automatically deactivates the all-wheel-drive system to prevent overheating in 4wd mode

    A Heavy duty dependable performer?

    The breaking news for all heavy-duty operators is that the Hilux’s towing capability has risen to a top of the class of 3.5 tonnes. The load bay is one of the largest presence in the pickup market coming in at 1525mm long by 1645mm wide. However, the max payload comes in at 1110kg which is fairly average when compared with the competition.

    Verdict  For Toyota Hilux 4×4

    Yes, when you compare with other pickups out there it may not be the most competent, the cheapest or the most comfortable, but the Hilux is a proven product (with a renowned  brand name) that has established a huge reputation as a no-nonsense and swift performer.

    With a superior build and off-road capability that is second to none, along with a 3.5t towing capacity, this eighth-generation Hilux is still – in spite of fierce competition – one of the best pickups in the market.

    For the Aussie outdoorsmen in you to explore the western outback from Pinnacles to the Bungle Bungle Range this beast of a pickup is what you have been waiting for.

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