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    Can I Sell My Written OFF Car With The Help Of Cash For Car Dealers?

    In Australia, insurance companies write off cars you never would in any other part of the world.

    What our habit for writing off or replacing our vehicles when they give us the slightest sign of trouble is costing us, is money.

    That’s right, even if your car, truck, van or 4-wheel drive has been written off due to an accident, it will frequently still carry hidden value in it that others will not be able to see or tap into.

    Unlock The Hidden Value Of Your Car Even When Insurance Companies have written it off

    The way to do this is to get in touch with a Cash or Car dealer. Cash for Car dealers are easily the shrewdest people in business today. The reason for this is simple – Cash for Car dealers see value in items such as Junk Cars or Scrap Cars and Metal that others miss – for reasons best known to them.

    Cash For Car dealers share the wealth with the clients they serve

    The one thing Cash for Car dealers are very clear about when it comes to money is that it is there to be shared with their clients.

    Cash for car dealers doesn’t hoard or keep the value they see in an old car all to themselves. Once a Cash for Car dealer has valued your vehicle, they will return a fair sum of it to you – by way of cash. If your car is new, or in very good condition, cash for car dealers could pay you up to $9,999 for it – and at the same time they pick up your car from you as well.

    Cash for Car Dealers

    Service has always ranked high on the agenda of Cash for Car dealers

    Customers don‘t just want products, they want high standards of service to accompany them as well. Because of their commitment to high standards of service, they will look after details that Second-hand or even New Car Dealerships will often miss.

    Cash for Car dealers will:

    • Value your car over the phone itself – a few minutes is all a valuation takes
    • If you agree with the valuation, they will send a Member of Staff to pick up your vehicle – frequently in 4 hours or less – depending on where you live
    • Cash for car dealers make business easy to transact – if your car is in the condition you described it over the phone, they will pay you Instant Cash for your Car without quibbling or haggling further
    • Cash for Car dealers will remove a car with no commercial value whatsoever in it at no cost at all to you. The value of this FREE Tow Service is as high as $295. This is the price the RTA will charge you to tow your vehicle away if it is parked in a high traffic zone

    Has your Insurance Company written off your car?

    Don’t throw it away before first talking to a Cash for Car Dealer. There are several good dealers in Sydney who will give you a ‘happy price’ – a price no second-hand car dealer or private sale buyer will match or give you.

    When you have a value that’s hidden in your car, the best thing you can do is unlock it. Established for well over a decade now, Cash Car Removal Sydney would be more than happy to take your call and give you a Valuation for your car over the phone itself.

    To obtain a FREE Quote for your car even if Insurance Companies have written it off, please call us now at Cash Car Removal Sydney on 1300 690 880.  Otherwise, fill in the Enquiry Form provided and return it to us.


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