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    Posted on June 14th, 2017
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    Tips For Buying A New Car

    Are you looking to get a car?

    If you are living in Sydney having a car to get around makes you life so much easy. But being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in buying car and maintaining it is not an easy a task- but it can be a costly exercise. Therefore you need to buy a car that will be efficient to complete all your tasks, not a burden on your wallet during purchase and upkeep.

    The tips below will help you to get a great deal when you are buying a car

    There is a saying that car dealers can smell unknowledgeable customer as they step in to the store and circle them like sharks at a prey.  This is just babble and might be bit of an exaggeration but there could be an element of truth to it.

    You don’t have to be a car aficionado to be a knowledgeable, hard- barging buyer who pays attention to detail. These tips will help make a real difference to your car and purse helping you come out like a pro.

    What time to buy

    Buy your car at the end of the month. You do your research but look to make the purchase at month’s end. Car dealers work on commissions and sales targets so you stand a chance to get price cuts and free offers around the end of the month.

    Safety comes first

    Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is Australasia’s leading independent vehicle safety advocate. These ratings establish the likelihood an accident is to wound you or take your life. This rating also tells the distinction between safe and unsafe cars.

    Time for some homework

    Do the required research and homework for the car you want. Find out the usual going price and what additional features it comes with and does it merit a purchase. This will give you an idea of what to buy and what to bargain for.

    Dealers VS Dealers

    Get your dealers to vie with each other. Many dealers will turn a price down but will go for the very same offer when asked to match a competitor’s price. This is called price match. There is always someone willing to give out an offer and dealers know it hence it make sense to get dealers to compete with each other.

    Test it out

    Do a test drive! There is no better way than know about the car you are goanna buy than with a test drive. There will be difference for every car and its model so try to drive them all and see what best- after all test drives are free! Never buy a car without getting behind the wheel of it first.

    Beware of extra features

    You need to know about extra unwanted features; if it’s important it will come with the car. Car salesmen are forever prepared to openhandedly throw in extras, for free or sometimes at cost, to sweeten the deal for buyers. If its not critical try to avoid getting it. Common extra features that you can avoid are extended warranties, rust proofing and paint protection as new cars always come with these in some form.

    Buy a New Car

    Fuel usage

    Verify a car’s fuel consumption – this can be checked with the yellow sticker on the windscreen. This lets you to measure up the efficiency between vehicles and can give you a realistic idea of what the working costs of the car might possibly be.

    Get the check list out

    Make sure all the boxes are checked –you can use the list above. If you have not checked it all you need to take a step back and evaluate are you making the right choice?

    But when you got the pen in your hand heart pumping ready to sign the dotted line; with the car salesman drooling away thinking about making the sale & his commission ask your self :

    That you understood all the terms and conditions. Make certain you know precisely what you’re signing up for.

    Visited several car dealers. If you have not, then you are more or less positively not getting the deal you could be getting.

    Be familiar with what is and isn’t included in the purchase. Be positive that you are not paying for unnecessary extras and that you won’t be missing anything offers that you can get.

    Car Insurance

    Your new car will need CTP insurance (Compulsory third party (CTP) car insurance). If you will be relying on it; might want to mull over getting a comprehensive car insurance package from a reputed insurance business as an alternative of one of the more simple options.

    If you follow the above listed tips in buying a car you will be able to get a great deal on your car and a big saving on your wallet.

    If you got an old car that you need to get rid of  it for a good price why not check Cash Car Removal Sydney to get a quote on selling your Old Car in Sydney.

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