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    Cash For Blown Head Gasket Cars, Same Day Removal Sydney

     Are you having trouble selling your old, unused car because of the damaged engine or other mechanical issues? We say it’s time to let go of that old piece of junk and get top Cash for your car! Call us on (02) 9632 7657 right now, and we’ll take it from there.

    Do You Have A Car With Head Gasket Issue And Want To Sell?

    You ought to make that extra space in your garage so that your new desired vehicle can arrive. Sell your damaged car at a great price, in a hustle-free manner with Cash Car Removal service. Trust us; this will be the best and the most accessible deal you will make in your lifetime!

    What is a Head Gasket?

    Almost everyone has heard the term’ head gasket,’ but the people who know what it means are close to none. This is a seal that subsists in between the engine block and the cylinder heads. It creates a tie to contain the internal combustion process and prevents coolant and oil from mixing in the engine.

    Blown Head Gasket Cars

    When a head gasket starts to go wrong, it can cause all sorts of other problems with the engine and exhaust systems. Here are a few scenarios which will tell you that your Head gasket is gone for a toss.

    – Oil or coolant leaking

    – Overheating

    – Engine misfiring

    – White smoke coming from the exhaust

    – Milky oil

    – Bubbling inside the radiator

    – Fouled or wet spark plugs

    If you’re facing either of these difficulties in your car engine, you need to replace it or sell your car immediately if your vehicle is too old.

    Trade Your Car With Engine Problems For Cash Right Now!

     Cash Car Removal is a Sydney-based car removal service, which offers up to $9,999 in Cash for your scrap, damaged, or junk cars. We offer free towing of your vehicles, so you don’t need to worry about the service charges at all! We send a professional tow truck driver along with the Cash for your car to take your vehicle off your hands.


     How Can I Get Cash For Cars Online?

    Selling your used car online to Cash Car Removal service, Sydney, is as simple as, 1,2,3. It happens literally in a few clicks. All you need is to follow these three basic steps.

    1. Get a quote: Fill up our online form and the details of your car, like the make and model of it, and you will receive a quote from us immediately.
    2. Schedule a pickup: It can be a same-day pickup or any other day according to your availability. Our prompt experts will come to the decided location on the given date and time.
    3. Get paid in Cash: It just couldn’t get any simpler. Our professional tow-truck driver will hand over the Cash to you and tow away your car. We make up to $9,999.

    Due To A Bad Engine Or Head Gasket, Will I Get Less Money?

    That is never the scenario. At Cash Car removal, we quote the best price for your car according to the make, model, and condition. It’s up to you to accept or reject our offer.

    Damaged engines of vehicles don’t make much difference in the price of your car as we dismantle the vehicle and remove the parts which we feel are helpful, and then the wrecking process happens. So, pick up your phone and dial (02) 9632 757 to get a quote immediately.

    Why Sell Your Car To Us?

    Cash Car Removal provides a service where you can get your unwanted vehicle sold fast. We won’t require anything from you to accept our cash quote and have the title of ownership sign over. You don’t even need to repair your vehicle because we buy any damaged car, as it is.

    We deal with cars, trucks, SUVs, all 4WDs, motorcycles, RVs, vans, commercial vehicles, and buses.

    Selling your automobile to us is a no-hassle sale! On top of that, you’ll have your Cash paid on the spot. Don’t wait! Give us a call today.




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