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    Posted on July 4th, 2018
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    Scrap Car Value Calculator: Find Out How Much Your Scrap Car Is Actually Worth

    It wasn’t long ago that owning a scrap or junk car meant disposing of it in a landfill. But those days are long gone and now, the trend is to scrap the cars & trucks for cash. You may have noticed that in the last few years, the price of scrap metal has dropped. This is not because cash for car companies are trying to lowball customers.

    Find Out How Much Your Scrap Car Is Actually Worth

    The reason for the drop-in price is because scrap car buyers like Cash Car Removal Sydney do not get nearly what we previously earned for the removal of scrap and junk cars. We remove the cars, strip all of the materials and fluids from the cars and then crush the vehicle, selling the remains to a local shredder. There is a lot of work involved in the towing of the car, stripping off the car, and crushing of it before it even gets to the shredder. We put hours and costs into the disposal of cars and trucks, and it is discouraging that scrap metals aren’t as valuable as they once were. However, Cash Car Removal is a scrap car buyer that doesn’t take advantage of our customers. We stay up to date on current metal prices and do our best to maximize the cash that we can offer scrap car & truck owners.

     Scrap Metal Prices & Their Effect on The Value Of Scrap Cars

    The average car contains about 2400 pounds of steel. Heavier vehicles contain more. For instance, a truck contains about 3,000 pounds. The weight in steel is over half of the car’s total weight. Cars also have approximately 200 pounds of aluminum, on average.

    When Cash Car Removal Sydney, or any other scrap car buyer, purchase a car, they are buying the value of the scrap metal by the ton. Scrap metals of the car include steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals that they can resale. The scrap car has to be dismantled and crushed, and the metals are taken to a shredder for the Scrap Car Buyer to sell the metals. There is work involved for the scrap car buyer to get cash value for the metals of the scrap car or truck.

    The price of scrap metal is continually fluctuating. If the car industry is not producing many cars, the price of aluminum and steel will plummet. If the construction industry is down, so will the prices of scrap metals. Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis. And as the prices fluctuate, it will be reflected in the scrap car value.

    Scrap Car Value Calculation

    How To Maximise The Value of Your Scrap Car

    Because they vary on a daily basis, it is essential that you choose a buyer like Cash Car Removal Sydney that stays up to date on the current scrap metal prices.

    Here are the top tips to increase the value of your scrap car:

    Don’t procrastinate. The longer the car sits, the more it deteriorates, lowering its value. If your car is drivable, you should get more for it. Get a non-obligational quote for your scrap car to find out its true value.  Contact Cash Car Removal for a free valuation at 1300 690 880.

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