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    Posted on August 23rd, 2018
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    How Much Do A Wrecker Pay For Your Car? Cash Car Removal Sydney

    It’s not tough to want to know what you can get for a car from the wrecker in Sydney. Different factors determine the price of the car. Cash Car Removal is an industry specialist, Wrecking Cars for Cash, and offers the following information on what you can expect as to a price for your car from the wreckers.

    What You Can Get from A Sydney Wrecker For Your Car

    The price you will get from a wrecker in Sydney will depend on the make and condition of a car. Wreckers dismantle vehicles so that they can pull good working cars that they can recondition and resale as certified and tested genuine used parts. That is the bulk of the cash you will receive from a car of any condition. Cars that have obsolete or hard to find parts will bring a bit higher price just as those that are parts that are higher priced for cars such as luxury and sports cars. So, you can expect a price value for the working parts of your car that can be resold; and, you can expect more. Most wreckers like Cash Car Removal also recycle the scrap metals of cars. With cars weighing about two tonnes of scrap metals that is a few hundreds of dollars for the metals of the car. While we can’t say what your car is worth, we can tell you that it is worth the reusable parts and the value of the metals to recycle. Wreckers can pay cash from $50 to $9999 depending on the make and model. The service is FREE and offer to pick up Sydney wide.

    How Much Do A Wrecked Pay For Your Car

    Sell Your Car To Cash Car Removal Sydney for Top Dollars

    Cash Car Removal Sydney is a car buyer that buys wrecked and damaged cars and trucks for the parts and the metals of the vehicles. We are a car buyer that provides instant car valuations over the phone as well as online. Car owners that would like us to tell them what we feel their cars are worth need to contact us over the phone or online, and we’ll make them a cash offer by valuating their vehicles.  For a car valuation over the phone, contact us at the number below. For an online valuation, please visit our homepage to complete our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of our homepage.

    Get top cash for cars by calling Cash Car Removal at 1300 690 880.

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