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    Posted on May 30th, 2018
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    How Much Do You Get for Scrapping A Car in Sydney?

    Scrapping cars is the quickest & easiest way to dispose of a car, one that yields top cash for cars. At Cash Car Removals, we know the first thought on nearly every scrap car owners’ mind is “How much will I get for scrapping my car?”

    Scrapping A Car for Cash Sydney

    Firstly, there are different sources to scrap cars. Scrap yards are one source and Car Removal & Cash for Car companies are another. With each, the calculation for the payment is generally calculated by weight. With that in mind, when you are having an SUV scrapped, the weight is much more than a sedan, so the price will be higher when the quote is from a reputable yard or removal company. Scrap metal prices fluctuate, so it is vital that you choose a buyer that is current with the prices. When selecting a car scrapper, you also want a scraping company that takes into consideration any semi-precious metals in the car, which will include metals from under the hood, that raises the value of the car. Other factors to be considered include specialised parts which add more value. So, when considering a buyer for your scrap car, you should look for a buyer that:

    • Pays according to the weight of the vehicle
    • Pays for semi-precious metals
    • Pays for specialised parts

    How Much Do You Get for scrapping a Car Sydney?

    Deciding on Your Buyer

    Firstly, scrap yards may not be the best choice when scrapping a car. Typically, you will find that scrap yards do not pay as well as cash for car companies that recycle scrap cars. The scrap yards will pay based on weight, without taking factors like the semi-precious metals under the hood of the car into consideration. They also won’t factor into the car’s value any specialised parts. Let’s be honest, the value of your scrap car has more to do with the prices of recycled steel, copper, and aluminium than what it might have been worth in working order. When scrap metal prices are at their lowest, some companies might even attempt to charge you to take your car away, but at the very least you should demand a free collection. Typically, a cash for cars company that recycles cars (make sure they aren’t a middleman, but the actual recyclers,) is the best option for you. Be sure that the recycler takes into consideration additional factors aside from the car’s weight.

    Some scrappers will also dismantle the engine for parts that are in working condition that they can recondition & sell before recycling the car. Generally, the engine will be dismantled for the semi-precious parts to recycle and then the engine and body of the car will be crushed. If you are handy with a wrench and tools and have the knowledge to dismantle engines, you might pull a few parts yourself before having the car scrapped. If not, it is best to leave it up to the recycler.

    Selling Your Scrap Car for Cash Sydney

    When selling your scrap car for cash, call a few cash for car companies for quotes. Ask them the crucial questions, like do they consider semi-precious metals and specialised parts when offering a price quote for the car. Also, be sure that you choose a company that stays up to date with the current metal prices as they continuously fluctuate.

    How Much Do Your For Scrapping A Car Sydney

    Scrap Metal Cash for Car Companies

     The nicest thing about the cash for car companies that recycle scrap metals is that they are current and most take the different factors that add value to a car into consideration. Also, reputable cash for car companies like Cash Car Removal provide their dismantling & recycling services at no cost & provide free scrap car removals for your convenience. Let’s not forget that you get instant cash too!

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